Success Stories

For a person to begin their journey, all it takes is a right direction...

It was merely after two months of application that I received my invitation from Saskatchewan, Canada. I remember applying in August and to get an invite in just two months was next to impossible. But with iGuru, I learned to turn this miracle into actuality.

Dr. Renuka, Physiotherapist

For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamt of working as a registered Physiotherapist in Canada. I was hopeful and eager to begin my journey until I hit a dead-end when I discovered the absence of occupational demand for my profession in Canada. The lack of knowledge and proper guidance through the intense process of immigration made it even worse as the vast syllabus of the eligibility test added to the woes. I started to feel lost in the ramifications of turning my dream into a reality.

It was at this juncture that I turned to a professional consultant at iGuru. They pointed me in the direction that I had always wanted to go on but somehow lacked the clarity and the resources to move forward.

The professionals at iGuru respected my eagerness to move to Canada and patiently guided me in identifying the possibilities. Soon I was able to begin my journey. Only with their excellent coaching and help did I manage to crack both my eligibility tests - the general and the academic IELTS.

I have often heard people say that immigration, though a bit tedious, can be managed by the applicant all by themselves. But I feel that something as important as immigration needs the right mentor for watchful guidance. The process of immigration is tiresome, with numerous steps which may lead to an individual faltering in trying to keep up with the pace.

For a person to begin their journey, all it takes is a right direction, but sometimes an outside perspective is required to identify this direction. Having the support of an agency like iGuru aided me in navigating through every step, thus keeping me at par with all the bustling notifications. iGuru helped me complete this process within the due time, not letting me miss even a single step, and at no point did I ever feel alone and lost.

I am thankful to iGuru for providing me with able and insightful guidance that will soon help turn my dreams into reality.