Get your business on a global platform through Canada’s Business Immigration program.

Your business expertise meets the opportunities that Canada offers. Ranked 23rd on the index for ease in doing business, Canada is an advantageous place for business owners from all over the world. Learn about the various pathways to grow your business and scale it in Canada.



Canadian immigration programs offer a wide range of fast-tracked options for investors, business managers, and entrepreneurs who are seeking to settle and find new opportunities in Canada.

There are 3 different programs that an applicant can access to settle in Canada.

Federal Business Immigration Programs

This business immigration program has been created to help and facilitate the successful business owners who are seeking another country to expand and build their business. Federal and provincial governments welcome business immigrants to be able to adapt and settle in Canada.

Quebec Business Immigration Program

Québec invites all business immigrants to benefit from the various programs it offers for immmigration through business. Designed to help grow the economy and create more job opportunities, Quebec’s programs (Self-Employed, Investor, and Entrepreneur Immigration Program) help create a pathway for business owners to enter and settle in Canada.

Provincial Nominee Program for Business

Almost all provinces and territories have their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which has a category for candidates with entrepreneurial or management experience. While the eligibility criteria, procedure and experience for each of the PNP programs vary, many competitive applicants receive a provincial nominee through which they can subm it an application.

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