What are the eligibility criteria in general?

Eligibility criteria for migration to countries like Canada or Australia refer to the specific requirements and qualifications an individual must meet to be considered for immigration. These criteria typically encompass various aspects such as:


    Certain levels of education or specific qualifications may be required, often evaluated through educational credentials assessment.

    Work Experience

    Having work experience in specific occupations listed as in-demand or meeting the skill shortage of the country could be essential.

    Language Proficiency

    Demonstrating proficiency in the country's official language(s) through standardized tests like IELTS or TOEFL.

    Health and Character Assessment

    Clearing medical examinations and providing evidence of good character through police clearances.


    Some programs have age limits or assign points based on age brackets.

    Occupation in Demand

    Some visas require applicants to have occupations listed on the country's skilled occupation list.

    Points System

    Many countries like Canada and Australia employ a points-based system where applicants are assessed based on various factors, and a minimum threshold of points is needed for consideration.

Meeting these criteria enhances the likelihood of qualifying for immigration programs to these countries. Each country has its specific criteria and immigration pathways designed to attract skilled workers, investors, students, and other categories of migrants based on their needs and policies.

Australia PR Points Calculator

19-2425 Points
25-3230 Points
33-3925 Points
40-4415 Points
English Language
Competent00 Points
Proficient10 Points
Superior20 Points
Skilled Employement Last 10 Year Outside Austraila
0 - 3 Years00 Points
3 - 5 Years05 Points
5 - 8 Years10 Points
0 - 10 Years15 Points
Skilled Employement Last 10 Year In Austraila
0 - 1 Years00 Points
1 - 3 Years05 Points
3 - 5 Years10 Points
5 - 8 Years15 Points
8 - 10 Years20 Points
Doctorate20 Points
Bachlore / Masters15 Points
Diploma10 Points
Recog. Universities10 Points
Austrailian Study Requirement
92 Weeks Course05 Points
Specialist Education Qualification - Australia
Doctorate / Master Degree10 Points

190 Sub Class

05 Points

489 Sub Class

15 Points

491 Sub Class

15 Points

Canada Points Calculator


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It is possible to immigrate to Australia through more than 80 pathways! Discover the broad categories of Australian immigration to take that first step. Find out more about the specific programs and their eligibility requirements.

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Canada Immigration

It is possible to immigrate to Canada through more than 80 pathways! Discover the broad categories of Canadian immigration to take that first step. Find out more about the specific programs and their eligibility requirements.

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