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iGuru’s online IELTS sessions include live training by certified trainers, unlimited mock tests, evaluations, query resolving sessions and a lot more!!


Types of IELTS Tests:


IELTS Academic Test

The IELTS Academic test is designed for people who want to study at an English-speaking university or college. It assesses your ability to use English for academic purposes, such as reading academic texts, writing essays, and giving presentations.


IELTS General Test

The IELTS General Training test is designed for people who want to work or live in an English-speaking country. It assesses your ability to use English for everyday tasks, such as socialising, shopping, and traveling.

Why choose iGuru?

  • Cambridge certified experienced faculties, some of which are former IELTS examiners
  • Faculties having more than 10 years experience in the field
  • 5/5 star rating for IELTS coaching
  • More than 4 weeks of live sessions
  • 1.5 hours of session everyday
  • Weekly mock tests for the sessions and modules completed
  • Life-long access to the recordings of the live classes
  • Exam clone materials for practice which includes 200+ tests
  • Feedback sessions from the mentor (one on one + group)

What can you expect from iGuru’s Online IELTS sessions?


Free Mock Test

Are you planning to take the IELTS test? If so, you can take a free mock test at our institute. Our mock test is a great way to get a feel for the test format, practice answering IELTS questions, and get feedback on your performance.

Our mock test is based on the latest IELTS test format. It includes a Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking test. The Listening and Reading tests are multiple choice, while the Writing and Speaking tests are essay and interview based.

After you take the mock test, you will receive a detailed report of your performance. The report will include your scores in each section, as well as feedback on your strengths and weaknesses

Taking a free mock test is a great way to improve your chances of success on the IELTS test. To register for the mock test, please fill the form:

Benefits of Free mock test:
  • Getting a feel for the IELTS test format
  • Practicing answering IELTS questions
  • Getting feedback on your performance
Pre-requisites of Mock test:
  • Mock test timings are Saturday 1pm
  • Please arrive 30 minutes before the test
  • Please carry your own stationery
  • Please carry your own headphones
  • Total time for the mock 3 hours
  • You may have to wait for your turn to have your speaking test conducted

One on one sessions

Keeping the classes separate, there will be daily problems resolving questions that occur at the end of the class, however what's unique is this also happens individually keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses and imparting a tailor-made study plan.


35+ hours of training

Every module of IELTS has sets of question types that are fixed in the syllabus. Our lessons consist of each of these lessons like knowing the pattern, distrators, traps, strategies, methods to tackle these lessons. Moreover, 100+ mock tests for Listening and Reading modules not only for the whole test but segregated mocks for question types as well. The course is customisable as per the exam schedule. Each and every session and class is recorded and the access is shared to revisit the lesson or incase of absenteeism.



Introduction to the Reading Section

Improving Reading Speed and Comprehension

Annotation Strategy for Improving Accuracy

Decoding True/False/Not Given Questions

Tackling Completion Type Questions

Mastering Matching Type Questions

Reading Practice Tests Evaluation and Discussion

Grammar Lessons and Drills on Weak Areas



Detailed Analysis of Listening Test Pattern

Listening Test Taking Strategies

Tackling with Distractors in Listening Test

Improving Listening Speed with Native English Accent

Developing Paraphrasing Skills for Listening Section

Solving Table Completion Questions

Practice Tests on Listening Section, with Analysis and Discussion

Grammar Lessons and Drills on Weak Areas



Introduction to the Speaking Section

Strategies for Tasks

Phrases, Vocabulary, and Idioms for Tasks

10+ Mock Speaking Sessions

Grammar Lessons and Drills on Weak Areas



Introduction to IELTS Writing Tasks

Report Writing for Bar/Pie/Line and Process Diagrams

Vocabulary and Idioms for Summary/Report Writing

Types of Essays – Argumentative, Opinion-based, Cause-effect etc

Ideation, Brainstorming and Writing Essay Flows

PEE Technique for Improving Coherence and Cohesion

Special Techniques for Impactful Writing

Special Grammar and Vocabulary for Essay Writing


Examiner Support with Assessment feedback

The Assessment feedback is given as per the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses and the study plan is further customisable as per the students preparation.

Here are some of the benefits of taking the IELTS test

Increase your chances of being accepted to a university or college:

Many universities and colleges require an IELTS score as part of their application process. By taking the IELTS test, you can demonstrate your English proficiency and increase your chances of being accepted to your desired program.

Improve your job prospects:

IELTS scores are recognized by employers around the world. If you are looking for a job in an English-speaking country, taking the IELTS test can help you improve your chances of getting hired.

Gain confidence in your English skills:

Taking the IELTS test can help you gain confidence in your English skills. By practicing for the test, you will improve your ability to understand and use English in a variety of contexts.

iGuru has helped more than 10,0000 students acquire their desired IELTS Score in General and Academic Test


Cyril Joels Sir is by far the amazing teacher when it comes to studying IELTS.His attention towards individual students is quite amazing...

Sohan Hiremath

My IELTS score was released today and I would like to express my gratitude to Cyril from iGuru Immigration for his immense help and guidance...

Neha Mehta

Mr. Cyril Joel is one of the finest professional one can come across. He provided flexible class timings. Also each student gets an individual attention. I would highly recommend Cyril for IELTS preparation...

Gurpinder Singh


Batch 1: Morning Batch

This batch is for students who prefer to study in the morning. It meets from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Batch 2: Evening Batch

This batch is for students who prefer to study in the evening. It meets from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM,8:00 PM to 9:30 PM, 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM Monday to Friday.

Weekend Batch

This batch is for students who are unable to attend classes during the week. It meets from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday

Have More Questions?

To enroll in any of these batches, please contact us or fill the form. We look forward to helping you achieve your IELTS goals!


Will I be given a free demo session?

Yes - the first session is always a free demo session, after which a nominal course fee is charged

What are the Batch timings?

The timings ranges from morning to evening, we do have weekend batches as well

What is the duration of the whole course?

There will be 35+ hours of classes conducted to finish your preparations for you to be ready to give exams

How does my syllabus looks?

The course covers lessons made on each and every question type and pattern that the actual exams covers.