British Columbia

British Columbia is located on Canada’s west coast. It is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains. The province of British Columbia is among the top destinations for immgration in Canada because of its economic growth and labour force needs.

The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) gives aspiring candidates an opportunity to receive a provincial nomination through a collection of immigration pathways. This may fast-track the candidate’s path to Canadian Permanent Residence.

The collection of streams target immigrants with business acumen, skilled workers, and young graduates who are fresh from post-secondary education. They are divided into two categories:

British Columbia Skills Immigration

Skilled Foreign nationals who can contribute to the workforce of British Columbia are the targets of the British Columbia Skills Immigration. The applicant will be able to qualify if they have the experience needed in the work environment and who can settle in BC as residents. This program has the following streams:

  • British Columbia Healthcare Professional
  • British Columbia Skilled Worker
  • British Columbia International Post-Graduate
  • British Columbia International Graduate
  • British Columbia Entry Level and Semi-Skilled Worker (ELSS)

To apply for this stream, candidates do not need to be eligible for Express Entry. But if a candidate does have an active Express Entry Profile, the application process is accelerated. Each stream has its own application process to gain the permanent residency.

British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration

Business owners or senior business managers and investors who are willing to invest in or start a business in British Columbia are the targets of the NBritish Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration. Applicants must have a certain net worth in order to qualify. They must also be willing to purchase an already existing business in the province or start a new business using their business management experience and skills. International corporations with high annual revenues may also immigrate to BC. This program has the following streams:

  • British Columbia Entrepreneur Regional Pilot
  • British Columbia Entrepreneur
  • British Columbia Strategic Projects

Skilled Foreign Nationals working in British Columbia’s in-demand Tech Occupations are the targets of the British Columbia PNP Tech. Interested applicants can review the streams listed in BC Skills Immigration as this Tech program is aligned with that stream. Through this program, eligible foreign nationals receive additional resources and faster processing through applications.