Family Sponsorship(FSW)

The aim of this program is to reunite families that may have separated during the immigration process. This is one of the ways that a Canadian Citizen or a permanent resident can sponsor their partner or family. Spousal or family sponsorship is critical and considered as a high priority.

What are the eligibility requirements for the program?

What is Canada Sponsorship Class vs family class sponsorship class?

The Canada Sponsorship Class and family class sponsorship are two of the streams through which a partner or family member of the sponsor can apply for permanent residency. Here are the overall differences between these two streams.

Canada Sponsorship Class
  • The work experience should have been lawfully obtained and paid
  • The applicant holds valid immigration status
  • Would be applying for an open work permit while the application is in process
Family Class sponsorship
  • Partner or family member lives outside of Canada
  • Currently living in Canada but don't plan to stay during the application process

How long does it take for the process?

A sponsorship application typically takes 12 months to complete, however, depending on the nature of your case, it may take longer. They are rarely processed faster than 12 months.

Understanding the requirements can be difficult and tedious; this is why the applications can be tricky. Get in touch with us to learn more about all the options that may be available for your family sponsorship program.

What is the difference between common-law sponsorship vs conjugal sponsorship?

In Canadian immigration law, common-law relationships are viewed as equal to conventional marriages. To apply for common-law sponsorship, you must demonstrate that as a couple, you have been living together for a year or longer in a marriage-like relationship.

As opposed to conjugal relationship, where in order to sponsor a partner, you must have been in a conjugal relationship for at least one year but for any reasons were unable to live together or get married.

What are the application requirements?

Some of the documents required to sponsor a spouse or a partner include:

  • Application form
  • Proof of status
  • Identity proof documents
  • marriage/ relationship status certificate (common-law certificate)
  • Medical certificate
  • Wedding invitations and photos

Documents that are required for proving relationship status include:

  • Shared property, bank account statements
  • Car insurance documents
  • Utility bills under individual names
  • Tax documents that prove current address