Startup Visa (FSW)


Starting a business in Canada can make it possible for foreign investors and their families to become permanent residents. This is true of all programs for immigrants to start businesses in Canada. With continued economic growth, Canada's start-up visa program is one of several immigration initiatives designed to assist foreign entrepreneurs starting companies in Canada.

What is the application process for applying for the start-up visa program?

Before a candidate can apply for the Start-up Visa Program (SUV) under the permanent residence, the person has to apply for the short term work permit under the International Mobility Program.

In order to be eligible for a short-term work permit, foreign nationals must provide a Commitment Certificate and Letter of Support issued by a designated entity. The designated entity must support the work permit application.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Startup Visa Program?

Here are the requirements for the application for the Startup Visa Program

  • Intent to live in a province or territory (except for Quebec)
  • Employer compliance fee
  • Commitment certificate
  • Letter of Support that the business belongs to the essential category
  • Proof of sufficient funds

What if the applicant is from outside of Canada?

If the candidate is from outside Canada, they need to complete the IMM1295 application form that allows for them to gain a work permit in Canada. There are several ways an applicant can submit their work permit application when applying from outside. For more information, reach out to us by scheduling a call here.